Valarie is 16  years old and is the second born of three girls. Her parents separated when Valarie was three years old, so her mother had sole responsibility for caring for the girls. Her mom sold second-hand clothes to try and earn enough money to pay for the family’s basic needs.

Things were even more difficult for Valarie and her family during the pandemic. They would often go for several days without a meal, and when they had a meal, it consisted of porridge. Valarie and her sister didn’t have access to feminine hygiene products and had to make do with what was available – often borrowing from friends or using a single product for an extended time.

Despite these challenges, Valarie obtained high marks on the KCPE exam. Valarie’s mom was able to scrape together enough money to send Valarie to school to continue her education, but keeping up with the school fees became impossible, and Valarie returned home. Sarah Kimani, ASPIRE’s Education Director, learned about Valarie’s situation and asked ASPIRE Globally to help.

Through ASPIRE Globally, Valarie’s school fees were paid up to date, and she is working hard at school as she wants to pursue an engineering degree.

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