While Ruth was only eleven, she and her two siblings were taken to an orphanage after theirfather abandoned them. Sadly, Ruth’s mother was too poor to feed and educate her children on her own.

Life at the orphanage was full of challenges for Ruth. It didn’t offer quality education and children were sexually abused. Despite the challenges, Ruth managed to take the KCSE (university placement) examination, but scored only a D+, which is too low for university admission. According to Ruth, this was not the grade she believed she could attain, so she knew she had to get back to school to study and prepare better.  To do this, Ruth decided to escape from the orphanage and move to Nairobi, where she found work as a housegirl for various families.

Ruth managed to raise and save some money that enabled her to go back to school as a day schooler in the 11th grade. High school is not free in Kenya, so Ruth did menial tasks for a little money in the evening after classes, but went to bed hungry most of the time, and could barely pay her rent. Ruth was sent home several times due to a lack of school fees, hence she missed classes a situation that negatively impacted her academic performance.  By God’s grace, she was able to get financial help from her teachers who saw her intellect and determination, andraised money to buy her food and cover her rent fees.

Ruth managed to take the KCSE examination a second time and scored a B-, which finally opened the door for her to university.  However, she was stuck at home for a year trying all means to raise the required school fees, yet in vain.  Ruth was depressed and seriously contemplated suicide. It was just at this low point that ASPIRE’s Education Director, Sarah Kimani, became aware of Ruth’s plight and facilitated ASPIRE giving hope to Ruth by paying her university fees at Kenyatta University!

Today, Ruth is pursuing her degree in Counseling Psychology. Apart from just being a student at Kenyatta University, Ruth is also among the peer counselors there. Ruth and her fellow peer counselors provide free mentorship and counseling services to the youth of all ages. They visit various primary schools, secondary schools, universities, hospitals, and children’s homes to offer guidance and counseling. Through this process, Ruth has become of great help and she is still aiming higher in her career, hoping to save as many children and teens in Kenya as possible with her holistic approach.  

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