Ian is the firstborn child, brought up alongside his two sisters. Life was good at the beginning when his father was alive, but Ian’s dad Murimi died in a road accident when he was hit by a speeding vehicle. Murimi’s family unjustly accused Ian’s mother of causing the death of their son and took everything that belonged to Murimi.  That left Ian, his two sisters, and his mother to suffer increasing poverty.

Ian’s mom Milcent was not educated so she could not secure a job to support her family. She ended up as a casual laborer, doing laundry for people and other odd jobs for the family’s upkeep.

Ian has been a bright student in school but has been negatively affected by the death of his father and by the subsequent condition of life they have experienced. They go without food and other essentials for days at a time. They often spend the night in the streets when their house is locked due to a lack of rent. They have had no one to turn to.

Ian scored a respectable 355 in the KCPE national exam that determines placement in high school. Yet Ian’s mother had no hope of him attending school after the eighth grade due to their family’s desperate financial straits.

ASPIRE Globally’s Education Director, Sarah Kimani, became aware of Ian’s situation and was moved to offer Ian a full scholarship to a good boarding school.  So instead of ending his schooling at a young age and being stuck in a circle of poverty, Ian has the opportunity to someday attend university if he is diligent in his studies.  Ian’s mother is glorifying God for the opportunity for Ian to proceed with his studies...she can see light despite all the darkness!

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