Ian graduated in 2022 and is currently attending University, pursuing a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. Ian’s mom is a single mother and was struggling to pay the university fees, so he was looking for help.

Ian was at his secondary school to see if they could help with a university fees sponsor at the same time our team was in Kenya visiting this boys’ school!

After our team met with Ian and leaders at the school, and heard that he was not able to afford university any longer despite being an excellent student, the ASPIRE team decided to pay for Ian’s overdue fees and the rest of his university education. 

Ian was overwhelmed with joy and appreciation! You can see how happy he is in the photo above with ASPIRE board member Joan Nosal. Ian attended the same secondary boys’ school as the Chittock’s exchange student Wahinya, so we have come full circle to see that the Lord had a plan for that school and ASPIRE Globally from the very beginning.  

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